Main Research Interests – Principali Linee di Ricerca

The first research interests concerned, in the late Nineties, computer crimes, domain names and the constitutional relevance of the Internet, especially in the interpretation of the United States Supreme Court.

Subsequently, were analyzed the issues related to the connections between cryptography and law, the legal problems of open source, the evolution of Legal Informatics from a practical point of view.

Over the past ten years, research has also embraced data protection, online hatred, digital investigations, legal tech and programming for lawyers and data governance.

In recent years, some particularly innovative themes have also been addressed, such as digital death, surveillance and control, the protection of human rights in the digital society.


Freedom of speech – Sexting – Computer crimes – Free software and open source – Open data – Privacy and security – Computer forensics and digital investigation – Computer ethics – Digital dissidence – Hacking – Cryptography and law – Human rights –  Cyber-stalking – Identity theft – Legal informatics – Hate Speech – Data Governance