Contact me by mail:

Prof. Giovanni Ziccardi, University of Milan, Department “Cesare Beccaria”, Via Festa del Perdono n. 7, 20122, Milan, Italy.

Contact me by e-mail :

Contact me by phone (+39 02 50312714), by fax (+39 02 50312542) or by my public cellular phone (+39 340 7966516).

Contact me also on Facebook (“Giovanni Ziccardi”), on Twitter (“gziccardi“) and (sometimes) on Skype (“giovanni_ziccardi”).

Please, contact my literary agent Maria Paola Romeo (Grandi e Associati, Milan) for inquiries about my fiction works and writer’s activities, Mucchi Editore (Web Site ) for inquiries about the Scientific Review “Ciberspazio e Diritto“, and my publishers Raffaello Cortina (Web Site), Springer (Web Site ), Kluwer Law International Web Site ), Marsilio (Web Site) and Giuffrè Web Site ) for inquiries about my books.

Please, check also my podcasts (Zero Days and Legal Drama Society) and my YouTube Channel.

I usually receive students at my University Office on Thursday morning (10:30 – 12:30).